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Say goodbye to falling off track and hello to non-stop motivation with our monthly or annual mindset school membership! 🚀 Stay aligned with your goals, unleash your potential, and have a blast while doing it! Think of it as your personal passport to a world of growth, fun, and achievement. Don't just dream it, live it—continue your manifestation mastery with the coolest mindset family on the planet and let's rock your goals together!

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Hold on tight! 🌟 Our monthly or annual mindset school membership is the ultimate ticket to staying on track and reaching your wildest dreams. But here's the twist: to unlock this fantastic opportunity, you must have completed Laura's legendary 6-week private group coaching experience. Once you've conquered that, you're in for a whirlwind of growth, laughter, and achievement like never before! Don't miss out—secure your spot and let's take your journey to the next level together!

About Laura St John

Laura St. John, the powerhouse mindset coach, is your go-to for transformation. With a unique blend of deep mindset lessons and everyday wisdom, Laura is not just Hollywood's best-kept secret; she's a guiding force featured on NBC Access Hollywood and Netflix's Selling Sunset. Her influence extends beyond celebrity circles, collaborating with giants like Google and empowering CEOs and elite athletes. Laura's expertise is recognized by national magazines like SHAPE and Women's Health, and she graces podcasts worldwide. Beyond the glitz, her true genius lies in helping YOU tap into your full potential, turning struggles into stepping stones. Dive into her magical world on InstagramTikTok, YouTube,LinkedIn,and Facebook for a daily dose of inspiration. 🚀💫


How is it different from the 6-Week Private Group Coaching?

This is the next step to continue to learn and experience with Laura's coaching, once you've graduated from your first 6-week private group coaching experience.

Who is eligible for Mindset School Membership?

In order to participate in the loyalty rates of Mindset School you must first complete a 6-week private group experience.

What is cancellation policy?

You may cancel at any time. You will not be charged your next payment and you will still be able to access the content until the last day of your billing cycle. There is a 30 day refund policy upon request if you are not satisfied.

What if I can't make the live coaching days?

There are no requirements whether you tune in live or watch recordings. All sessions are recorded and posted within 24 hours with action steps for you to do. Tune in live as often as you can!

Are any scholarships available?

Yes! Laura runs a "Mother of All Giveaways" Scholarship every May for Mother's Day and gives away partial and full scholarship opportunities.