Unlock Your Dream Life.

By Invitation Only.

Indulge in an intimate manifesting event in the beauty of Bozeman, tailored exclusively for you. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience where you step into the identity of your most magnetic future self, poised to attract the life you've always yearned for starting immediately.

Imagine days dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your dreams, right in the heart of Montana. Looking back, knowing this was the turning point towards achieving everything you’ve envisioned.

Consider this is a personal invitation for a transformative event designed to turn your aspirations into reality. It's time your life got the superstar treatment it deserves!

When? July 17-18-19-20

Secure Your Spot now for the most unforgettable experience of Summer 2024.

Join Laura and Shallon in Montana: Where dreams aren't just made, but lived.

Why a Mindset Experience? Why Now?

Because you are ready for more. More clarity. More joy. More manifesting magic. And what better place than doing it in the majestic mountains?

And let's be real: When was the last time you gave yourself the gift of complete immersion? Totally uninterrupted days to focus on YOU, your dreams, and your next big move? Now's the time to seize the moment, to set your intentions, and to leap into your future.

Manifesting Hot Spots: Stroll alongside Laura and Shallon in Montana's Paradise Valley. Experience the magic of Montana's natural wonders as you manifest by the legendary Yellowstone river, and find solace in the quietude of untouched wilderness. Share stories, dreams, and moments of clarity. Release. Create.

About the Experience

Watch this video to learn more about the mindset activations and hear from past alums about their experience.

Hands-On Experience

🌺 A Deep Dive with Laura: Within your retreat, there are two full days of mindset activations are guided by Laura herself. Discover, manifest, and clear your path with the best in the business.

Locally Curated Foods

🍽️ Gourmet Delights: Savor farm-to-table meals and snacks hand-crafted by local hot spots. Indulge your senses, while feeding your soul.

An Exclusive Circle

🌟 Dream Bigger, Aim Higher. Small group. No distractions. Only like-minded individuals, ready to get to the next level. Shallon knows how to add the fun spice to every interaction!

Secure Your Spot Now.

The cost of $5850 and covers the entire Montana mindset coaching experience, food, drink and transportation during the event, and a tailored 5-session post-event coaching package with Laura, with weekly group sessions dedicated reinforce your vision and support your next steps after the event. Montana Event is July 17-20th. Get ready for an advanced, life-altering immersion. Airfare and lodging not included.

Shake Things Up in the Best Way Possible

Feeling a bit stuck in life's maze? We totally get it. But here's the deal: our retreat in gorgeous Montana is going to shake things up in the best way possible. Whether you're dreaming of a sizzling new romance, plotting your next career move, or just craving a giant scoop of happiness, we've got you. It's time to learn steps to ditch those pesky blocks that've been holding you back and step into a world where everything feels like it's clicking into place. Yep, that's the vibe we're bringing. So, let's ditch the old, embrace the new, and kickstart this epic adventure together.

A Hands-On Learning Experience That Will Change Your Life

This is more than an invite. It's a beckoning to something transformative. Shallon's opening her home, Laura's bringing her signature secret manifesting techniques, immersed in Montana's backdrop of beauty and fun, all just for you. Picture it: Hugs, heartfelt lessons and breakthrough moments that'll stay etched in your soul forever.

Ready to take the leap?

Anxiety I had for years has evaporated...
There are two events that I can look back at in my life and definitively say I transformed for the better after these experiences. The first was the summer I spent in Kenya as a medical intern at age 20, and the second was the Malibu experience with Laura. Several months out and there is not a day that goes by where the lessons I learned with Laura in Malibu do not positively affect my outlook and my day/life in general. I have noticed that the anxiety I have struggled with for years has practically evaporated, and in the moments when it does rear its ugly head, it's beyond easy to put to bed when I recall Laura's lessons.

Every month out I am growing happier and more fulfilled, and calling in more dreams and goals than I ever thought possible. I am eternally grateful for the experience, and the new path it has set me on. If you have the opportunity to go to Malibu and have this experience for yourself, I highly recommend saying "yes" and jumping in with an open head and heart. I don't even want to think about how different my life would be right now if I hadn't done the Malibu experience--it was 100% necessary and absolutely invaluable for creating and calling in the life of my dreams, and everyone else I went with feels the same way. Go to Malibu and change for the better, you won't regret it! --Torri P


You will feel like you left 20 lbs of emotional baggage in the ocean! After this retreat, I feel like I have a tool bucket when things get tough and a tribe of females who get me and are all aiming for the same goals, freedom and joy in this lifetime. The futures dinner party on the last night was also something that I will never forget! Prepare to be amazed! --Ashley S

I Left the Retreat as a Different Person
Absolutely eye opening and profound, impactful, life changing, metamorphic! The caterpillar into a butterfly! I left the retreat a different person than when I arrived. If I was sitting next to the same person on the plane leaving as when I arrived, I guarantee they would say "you are not the same person I met a few days ago" I see everything differently. --Colleen F


What is the cost? How do I secure a spot?

The Montana Experience is $5850. You can either pay in two payments, or pay a $1000 deposit to secure your spot right now.

What's included?

The deepest dive custom coaching event that Laura has (until now) delivered only to private clients or in the 2-day Malibu experience. An experience of a lifetime. Shallon is adding her special spice to the 2 day event and extending it with festivities the evening of July 17th and the morning of July 20th.

All meals, drinks, snacks and fun extras during the hours we are together are included.

Transportation is included during event!

(Airfare/travel to Bozeman + lodging not included.)

What is the itinerary?

Fly in Wednesday, July 17th. Mindset Activation are 2 full days July 18-19 led by Laura. Fly out July 20th. See more detailed itinerary below.

How many people can join?

This experience is limited to 12 spots.

Where is it taking place?

Bozeman, Montana: Shallon is opening up her own home and the event will be hosted at a variety of hotspots in the area. Transportation will be provided once you arrive at your hotel.

Where should I fly in?

You fly into Bozeman. (BZN)

Where should I stay?

Shallon recommendations - Stay Downtown which is only approx. 15 minutes from the airport.

More Splurge:

AC Hotel

Kimpton Armory

Element Bozeman

Less Splurge: 

The Lark Hotel

Lewis & Clark Motel

What happens after the event?

Your transformation is not over. It's just the beginning!

Post-Event Training Classes held: July 29, Aug 5, 12, 19, 26th at 1130am Los Angeles / 230pm New York / 730pm London. (Note, Times may be adjusted based on time zones of participants.)

Who can join?

The current enrollment is limited to people who are drawn to or want to become familiar with Laura's content. In order to participate in the event, you must review Laura's 6 step manifesting blueprint. As part of your commitment to the event you will be given access to 6 hours of content to review.

What is the refund policy?

Payment is non-refundable however it is transferrable to other people, coaching packages or events up until 1 week prior (July 10th, 2024).

Meet Your Mindset Coach & Incredible Host....

Meet Laura St. John,

Celebrity Mindset Coach

As a mindset coach, Laura St. John is more than just a guiding hand – she's your go-to gal when you need that transformative touch. With a knack for serving up deep mindset lessons wrapped in everyday wisdom, Laura is the friendly force you need in your corner. Raised to see life without boundaries, she combines her heartfelt teachings with game-changing manifesting methods that have lit up screens on Access Hollywood and smash hits like Netflix's Selling Sunset.

But Laura isn’t just Hollywood's best-kept secret. From collaborating with giants like Google to empowering top CEOs, celebrities, and elite athletes, her influence spans wide. Her expertise doesn’t stop there – national magazines like SHAPE and Women's Health have spotlighted Laura as a key contributor, and she regularly graces national podcasts, sprinkling her wisdom to eager listeners worldwide.

While the big names are impressive, Laura’s true genius shines when she's helping you. She's on a mission: to ensure everyone, yes, including YOU, taps into their full potential and manifests their dream life. It’s no wonder she's become the darling of many, celebrated for her unique ability to flip struggles into stepping stones towards grand goals.

Want a daily dose of Laura's magic? Dive into her worldInstagram,




Meet Shallon Lester, Influencer, Author and YouTube Extraordinaire

Influencer, author and YouTube creator Shallon Lester has your blueprint for a life that’s both fabulous and fearless!

From juicy relationship tips to savvy social climbing strategies, her channel has helped millions of alpha females level up and put themselves out there—no fear, just unapologetic authenticity!

And now, this NYC It Girl turned Montana cowgirl is excited to welcome you into her home and favorite Bozeman hot spots on this epic retreat.

We’ll laugh, cry, go to a rodeo (and probably see several of her exes) while manifesting our incredible futures in one of the most beautiful and energetically powerful places on earth!

Take the leap and join in!

Act Now Before Spot Fill! Click below to grab one of the spots. Let’s unlock the extraordinary potential of your future. Remember, greatness is achieved together. Let’s make this retreat the beginning of your best chapter yet.

Can't wait to welcome you to Montana!

Sneak Peek of Some of the Mindset Activations....

The following images are the outline of the work you will be doing with Laura St John. Shallon is adding her spice of activities and fun to extend this unforgettable experience!