1. Learn How to Build Trust in Yourself and the Process


You’re probably thinking, Laura I’ve got a list and I’m ready to start manifesting this new life. Just show me how so I can stop getting all this stuff I don’t want. I’m sick and tired of feeling stuck, and like life is handing me all these challenges that I barely have any time to ever focus on me and what I want. Or you have been trying to manifest what you want but you keep getting all this other stuff instead. Well, I am here to put you on the fast path to manifesting the stuff you really want. And, I want to let you in on a little secret. You’re already a master at manifesting. You are doing it every day, you just aren’t focused and manifesting the things that you want and that is ok. Once you learn how to shift your energy you will see you had all the tools all along to get the life you are craving. I’m so excited. Nothing gets me more excited than to show people how to get exactly what they want in life and that can be anything. We all want different things and life has caused us to dream up more and more by handing us all kinds of challenges and struggles so I want to teach you three guiding principles that will help you along your path to manifesting and towards all our lessons. These three steps run deep through all our content.

These are the 3 things you want to take away from this lesson.

1) Trust In Yourself and Trust the Process.

2) You Are Exactly Where You Are Meant To Be

3) Stuck is Just a Feeling

When you bring these three ideas into focus, you will set your mindset up to manifest what you want more easily than ever before. We teach these first because it is so important that you relax about everything that has led you to this point and lighten up on yourself so you can create from a more positive energy. Sometimes we are so busy beating ourselves up or feeling stuck in the frustration that we can't see past the problems we are facing.


What do you want to get unstuck in?

Why do you want this change?

How do you feel it will positively impact your life?

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