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Are you feeling stuck when it comes to your health and fitness? You're not alone. It's hard to find time to workout. High quality programs and personal training are expensive. Most programs set people on an emotional roller coaster, which don't train you on the habits to become consistent. Falling off track over and over makes you feel guilty.

Get your mind and body moving in a more positive direction with Malibu's favorite power couple! Laura and Scott blend together a perfect one-two punch: self-paced mindset + fitness coaching along with live group community events that will help you drop excuses, learn to carve time for your health and happiness, and actually start - and stick to - a simple everyday plan that works! Getting healthy has never been this fun and sustainable. Until now. Stop putting yourself last. Get started now and see for yourself.

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"(They) make good on their mission to build strong confident people and inspire fitness beyond the walls of a gym. Bonus: Scott and Laura are huge travel buffs, so look out for live streams from all corners of the globe."

- SHAPE magazine

"Kicked my butt and pushed me to my limit -- in a good way. Scott cheered us on the entire time -- which made the class go fast and kept me from giving up like I normally would if I was exercising by myself."

- Ashley Oerman, WOMEN'S HEALTH magazine

"Think you can't get a good sweat in less than 20 minutes? Trust me, it's a really good workout. Go ahead and stream it for yourself!"


"There's something magical about Laura and Scott! They are so energetic and bring so much motivation to people -- not only in person but now online."



I love this community and you and Scott! I have gone from someone struggling to get out of bed, and not being about to do much physically, to being a person that gets it done everyday no matter what! My health physically and mentally has been impacted and the support and encouragement of this amazing community gives me another reason to keep doing what i am doing. You are all REAL MVPs! -- VINCETTA C

"If you're looking for a breakthrough, Laura and Scott will bring out your "A" game. Their phenomenal combination of mindset tools and challenging, exciting workouts will activate a major shift in your life. Now you all can get to know and love these two powerhouse professionals!"

- Lavinia Errico, Founder of Equinox

My body has dropped several sizes!!!

"I have struggled with weight my whole life and the mindset tips and tricks in have been a game changer! I am wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear in years!! I am getting stronger every day! What I love the most is whenever you want to give up, Scott is into the camera reminding you to keep going, you can do this!"

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- Tasha Holtzinger

I was a crazy busy stressed out mom of 3, dealing with health issues...

"Laura and Scott literally changed my life in so many ways. It's definitely transformed my body! The biggest change is the fat loss, increase in agility and strength. It lit a spark in me! I started shifting my attitude: less negativity, more positivity. Now I practice happy everyday. I plan to keep doing it forever!"

Watch Amy's Story

- Amy Kandetzke


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I've been able to quit smoking...

"It's the same mental muscle I've been exercising. The workout starts between the ears. This is the coolest workout I've ever done! I feel better and move better. The biggest thing I can say I've gotten from this is RESULTS. It's the most positive group I've ever been a part of."

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- Marcos Beinder

I Had Hit a Really Hard Time During COVID

"This was a blessing in disguise. I never thought I'd do a home workout! I didn't think it could be this fun! They are authentic. They are raw. They are real! You find yourself day by day becoming a new individual. I am stepping into this new power and I never thought this would be available to me because I never thought I deserved it. This is an amazing platform and they do it in a fun and exciting way! I finally feel like I'm in a community that I belong."

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- Kristyn Koegel

I am a single mom of 3 and recovering addict....

"Laura and Scott have COMPLETELY changed my life. I've built a whole new relationship with food, my body, with my whole life. I've found my willpower. It helped me build the habit of moving every day. It just started with 5 minutes and built from there. It's super effective. My kids come over to the screen and see me. I am able to focus on my family and Laura and Scott have breathed belief into my own kids when they overhear what I'm doing. As a family, we have changed our entire mindset and how we move through life. I am forever grateful."

Watch Jessica's Story

- Jessica Benson

I am even teaching my daughters to do it....

"Before this program I kept trying and failing. I have a large collection of workout videos. This program is different. It's helped me dig deeper, let go of the excuses, and lay out better plans. My daughter even logs into it when I go to work!"

Watch Becky's Story

- Becky Wegner

Your Instructor

Laura and Scott
Laura and Scott

What defines Laura and Scott's signature one-two punch? Their energy is contagious, their unique chemistry is hilarious, and you will immediately feel the change! Scott's fitness classes are infused on-purpose with positive self talk that will erase negative thinking, boost electrifying energy, and accelerate you toward your fitness goals. Laura's mindset classes are designed to teach you how to flip your biggest struggles and create the life you imagine. Laura and Scott take the love, knowledge, and wisdom of their 25 years of working together personally and professionally stick to their brand promise: to give you "everything they've got."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there self paced classes or are there live classes?
When you become a member, you get access to the full library of self-paced, on demand content you can play at any time of day. Classes range from 10 - 30 minutes so you can easily fit them anywhere in your day. In addition to the self-paced content, you will see the links inside our program for live workshops, classes and events. You will get to personally meet the founders and be guided by the most incredible people and community that have your back every step of the way.
How will I be charged? What if I need to cancel for any reason?
Our membership is charged monthly on the same date that you signed up. If you need to cancel for any reason, you can log into your Menu -->> Manage Subscriptions -->> Cancel. This will stop any future recurring payments.
Who is this designed for?
E V E R Y O N E. We actually mean that. When we design our classes, we think about moms doing it with their kids. We think about grandmas doing it. We think about college students. Wherever you are, at any decade, we design programs for you inside this membership. We believe everyone deserves universal access to live strong and confident.
What if I'm NOT a fitness person?
We got you! Whether you have always been overwhelmed or feel like you've never been an athlete, or if you feel like you are the opposite of a fitness person, then this is the right program for you to learn how to remove those limiting labels and become a "worker outer" with us! We will make it FUN. You will surprise yourself when you actually WANT to workout!
Are there refunds available?
If for any reason you feel this is not the right match for you, you can cancel your next payment. You will not be refunded for your previous payment but you can cancel any payments moving forward.
How simple is this to follow?
The content is laid out in a day by day approach. If you are a self-starter, you can dive into it totally choose any class at your own pace. If you prefer to follow a guided plan, we have 10-day, 21-day and 6-week challenges already laid out for you. You choose based on your own preference.

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